ManagiDiTH Event Participation in 2024

ManagiDiTH Event Participation in 2024

ManagiDiTH and its team of experts have been actively participating in prominent industry events, sharing insights and innovations in digital health and artificial intelligence. Here are some of the recent appearances and contributions from our distinguished team:

HIMSS24: European Health Conference & Exhibition

At the HIMSS24 European Health Conference & Exhibition, Principle Lecturer Outi Ahonen from Laurea University of Applied Sciences delivered a compelling presentation. Her discussion covered critical topics such as digital health, artificial intelligence, and the growing need for relevant competencies. Ahonen’s insights underscored the essential role ManagiDiTH plays in addressing these emerging demands.

Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024: It’s Critical to be Radical!

Professor Henrique Martins from ISCTE-IUL was an invited speaker at the Radical Health Festival Helsinki 2024. His address highlighted current healthcare topics, emphasizing the urgent need for educational programs like ManagiDiTH. Martins’ participation demonstrated the project’s relevance and its potential to shape the future of healthcare education.

Digital Skills and Jobs Platform: Monthly Coordination Meeting

Maria do Carmo Gomes, the Director of the ManagiDiTH project from ISCTE-IUL, shared the project’s experiences, future prospects, and ongoing work at the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform’s monthly coordination meeting. Her thoughtful and inspiring presentation provided valuable insights into the project’s impact and the road ahead.

ManagiDiTH extends its gratitude to all those who invited our esteemed colleagues, attended our sessions, and engaged with us at these events. Your support and enthusiasm are instrumental in driving our mission forward.

Upcoming Event:

Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Future Communities

ManagiDiTH is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Future Communities, scheduled to take place at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in August 2024. We look forward to engaging with attendees and exploring the future of AI together. For more information, visit Symposium Details.

See you in the next events!