Skills Needs Forecasting on Digital Health Ecosystems

September 2023

This Skills Need Forecasting study was conducted to ensure that our Master’s programme is designed to meet the current and anticipated needs in the digital healthcare sector.

Digital Health Stakeholders Report

June 2024

This Digital Health Stakeholders Report was conducted to identify actors in the local and pan-European health and digital ecosystem such as healthcare providers, pharma companies, med-tech companies, policy makers, regulators.

Research and other mentions

  • D1.2 Training programme p ackage
  • D1.4 Admission and accreditation strategy
  • D2.3 Digital platform test
  • D2.4 Digital Learning resources package
  • D3.1 Ecosystem map
  • D3.2 Needs assessment report
  • D3.3 Trainers handbook
  • D4.1 master dissemination plan
  • Communication and Dissemination Plan
  • Pedagogical Strategy 
  • Master plan
  • D6.1 Evaluation plan
  • D8.1 joint partnership agreement
  • D8.5 Exploitation and sustainability strategy plan

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