ManagiDiTH Experts United in Planning of the Curriculum – Workshop and Networking in Athens  

Exciting days connecting and collaborating in Athens!  

Last month the ManagiDiTH project participated in the Athens Digital Week 2024, as well as organized a teacher training workshop for the teachers in the upcoming Master of Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector. Four universities from four different countries united in planning and preparing the masters, to be ready to launch this Autumn 2024!  

Highlights of the ADHW2024 included 

  • Networking at Athens Digital Health Week 
  • Sharing insights and knowledge among experts in the digital health and education fields 
  • Productive collaboration between ManagiDiTH partners and teachers to prepare the Master’s programme

Networking and dissemination of the ManagiDiTH project was also present, as the project was presented in the Innovation and Development Projects plenary session by Professor Panagiotis Bamidis  (AUTH, President of HL7 Hellas) and there was a Joint Training Session with IHE, as well as sharing best practices and experience. These sessions included insightful presentations by Andreas Klingler (Vendor Co-Chair, IHE Europe), Derek Ritz (Expert consultant, IHE Europe) and Anne-Gaëlle Berge (Chair of Tools and Testing Strategy (T²S) Committee, IHE-Europe/Kereval). In the Best Practices session, IHE’s best practices were shared through introducing several successful implementations/projects.  

The workshops included planning of the Curricular Units (CUs) within respective CU teams, working with the design of the units and learning how to build the content in ManagiDiTH’s Moodle environment. There were also fantastic presentations about the agenda and the pedagogical viewpoint of the workshops by Tuija Marstio, Interaction and Guidance by Joana Martinho Costa, Learning Design with 5E methodology by Konstantinos Diamantis and Creating quizzes in Moodle by Essi Tammisto.  

These inspirational three days in Athens truly elevated the design work of the Curricular Units and co-operation! 

Looking forward to our upcoming Teacher Training Workshop in Finland, scheduled for March 2024! 



Organizers of this event included 

  • ManagiDiTH consortium 
  • NTUA – National Technical University of Athens 
  • IDIKA SA – the Hellenic e-Government Center for Social Security Services 
  • National e-Health Authority (NEHA) of Cyprus 
  • HL7 Hellas 
  • HL7 Europe 
  • HL7 Europe Working Group Meeting 
  • HL7 FHIR Marathon 
  • European Health Data Space