Train the Trainers Workshop and Consortium Meeting in Portugal 2024

14-16 May 2024
ISCTE Sintra, Portugal
With participants from Laurea UAS, AUTH university, ISCTE university, WhyMob and Mundi Consulting.



The 12 Multimedia Principles

The ManagiDiTH Workshops kicked off with an enlightening keynote on the “12 Multimedia Principles”, presented by students Letícia Luís, Margarida Souto and Pedro Simplício from ISCTE university. This session outlined crucial steps for creating engaging and personalized online materials that captivate student interest. The principles discussed included Modality, Coherence, Segmentation, and Personalization.

The three speakers emphasized that effective teaching requires continuous learning. They highlighted how educators can create compelling online courses by adopting these principles, making the learning experience more engaging and personalized.

Key Insights:

  • To teach effectively, educators must also be continuous learners.
  • Delivering an online master’s programme requires tools that foster engagement and personalization.

CU-work Day & Afternoon

Following the keynote, the workshop continued with curricular unit (CU) work sessions, where participants engaged in activities designed to further better and develop their CU’s. These sessions provided a great forum for our experts to discuss and tease out the details for their CU’s.

Tram Ride (Extra)

To round off the day, attendees enjoyed an extra-curricular tram ride through the city, offering a relaxing and scenic way to connect and unwind.



Working Life Collaboration in Curricula Units in Trialogical Learning

The second day featured a session on “Working Life Collaboration in Curricula Units in Trialogical Learning,” led by Juha Leskinen and Outi Ahonen from LAUREA. This discussion focused on the importance of integrating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into the master’s programme, enhancing the learning experience through real-world partnerships.

Key insights:

  • Connecting SMEs with educational projects
  • Facilitating the involvement of master’s partners in CU units
  • Emphasizing the value of working life-related learning experiences


CU-work and Wrap-Up

Participants continued with additional CU work, applying the day’s insights to their curricula work. The day concluded with a wrap-up session, summarizing key takeaways from the workshop days, and planning future implementations and events.



Consortium Coordination Meeting

The final day was dedicated to the Consortium Coordination Meeting. The agenda focused on organizational matters critical to the successful implementation of the discussed strategies and the degree programme.



The ManagiDiTH Workshops provided participants with valuable insights into multimedia principles, collaborative learning, and practical applications in educational settings. The event emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in teaching, particularly in online environments, ensuring educators can create engaging and effective learning experiences for all our incoming students.

A big thank you to our gracious hosts at ISCTE-Sintra!